Thai Paragon Restaurant
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1. Cracker

Prawn or Crab Cracker

2. Vegetarian spring roll

(4 pcs.)

3. Vegetarian curry puff

(4 pcs.)

4. Fish cake

(4 pcs.)

5. Money bag

(4 pcs.)

6. Petite satay chicken

(4 skewers.)

7. Chicken wings

(4 pcs.)

8. Herby duck

(2 pcs.) Shredded roast duck meat tossed, shallot, red onion roasted rice, chilli flakes drizzled & lime dressing, served on cos lettuce leaves.

9. Chicken pandan

(4 pcs.) Succulent chicken 4 thigh flllet, marinated and wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves then deep fried served with homemade tamarind dipping sauce.

10. Hoy jor

(4 pcs.) Crab meat & chicken minced wrapper in crispy tofu skin served with plum sauce.

11. Crispy soft shell crab with papaya salad

Battered soft shell crab served with papaya salad.


12. Tom yum prawn


13. Tom ka chicken



14. Chicken salad


15. Beef salad


16. Larb

(Spicy Thai chicken Salad)

17. Squid salad


18. Duck salad


19. Mixed seafood salad



20. Bbq beef

North East Thai style grilled marinated beef served with stir fried mixed vegatables & sweet chilli sauce.

21. Bbq chicken

South Thai style grilled marinated chicken served with stir fried mixed vegetables & sweet chilli sauce.

22. Bbq squid

Char grilled squid served with stir fried mixed vegatables & homemade seafood sauce.

23. Lamb in garlic & pepper sauce

Marinated three lambs cutlets with the herbs of cloves & sesame oil, served with seasonal vegetables, garlic pepper stir-fried.

24. Grilled king prawn

Char grilled three king prawns served with stir fried mixed vegetables & homemade sauce.

Stir Fried

25. Oyster sauce

26. Garlic pepper sauce

27. Cashew nut sauce

28. Chilli basil sauce

29. Satay sauce

30. Ginger sauce

31. Lemongrass sauce

32. Sweet & sour sauce

33. Lime leaf & peppercorn

34. Fried rice

35. Creamy sweet basil

36. Chilli basil fried rice


37. Green curry

38. Panang curry

39. Massaman curry

(Beef only)

40. Yellow curry

(Chicken w/ Roti)


41. Pad thai

comes with egg

42. Pad see ew

comes with egg

43. Cashew nut noodle

comes with egg

44. Chilli basil noodle

comes with egg

45. Satay noodle

comes with egg

46. Hokkien noodle

comes with egg

Chefs Special

47. Kaeng phed ped yang

Roasted duck in red curry, lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato.

48. Salt & pepper squid

Deep fried salt & pepper squid served with crispy noodle & sweet chilli sauce.

49. Hoisin sauce with beef

Beef in hoisin sauce, green bean, broccoli & mushroom.

50. Massaman lamb

Grilled marinated three lamb cutlets flavoured with the additional of Thai spices, tossed with baby potato.

51. Lamb in red curry sauce

Marinated three lamb cutlets with the herbs of cloves & sesame oil served in red curry.

52. Creamy sweet basil king prawn

Grilled freshly three king prawns in creamy sweet chilli basil sauce, garnished with crispy basil leaf.

53. Lime leaf & peppercorn with king prawn

Grilled three king prawns in fragrant combination of garlic, chilli, lime leaf & peppercorn stir-fried with oyster sauce.

54. Pad thai king prawn

Stir fried thin rice noodles in special pad thai sauce with char grilled three king prawns.

55. Duck plum sauce

Roasted duck served with a blend plum sauce, shiitake mushroom, cinnamon & bok choy stir fried.

56. Sweet chilli deep fried barramundi

Deep fried whole barramundi dressed with sweet chilli sauce, lime leaf & chopped long chilli.

57. Herb dressing on fried barramundi

Deep fried whole barramundi flavoured with lemongrass, slice lime leaf, galangal & topped with fried garlic.

58. Chilli basil sauce on deep fried barramundi

Deep fried whole barramundi with homemade chilli basil sauce garnished with crispy basil leaves.

59. Thai paragon fried rice

A signature fried rice tom yum in Thai Paragon, Thai herb &homemade sauce served with char grilled three king prawns.

Side dishes

60. Steamed jasmine rice


61. Steamed jasmine rice with peanut sauce


62. Steamed vegetables


63. Roti